EFX Lights & Sound is a service oriented business which deals mainly with rental of professional lights and sound equipment, as well as installation of lighting and sound requirements for various institutions such as churches, malls, theatres, concert venues and the like.


  • Mandaluyong City - Main Business Center
  • Naga City - Showroom, rental and installation office


EFX Lights & Sound’s reputation has reached international shores. Prestigious companies worldwide have given EFX Lights & Sound the privilege of being one of the distributors in the Philippines for their world class products.

  • Phoebus Manufacturing
    • Industry standard Follow spots
    • Search Lights
  • Re-seller - Zero 88 Lighting Products
  • Re-seller - Robert Juliat Lighting Products
  • Re-seller - Adamson, Funktion One, Audio Focus
  • Re-seller - Sennheiser Products
  • Re-seller - Solid State Logic Digital Mixers
  • Re-seller - Fohnn Speakers Germany Products
  • Re-seller - Calrec Broadcast Mixers